It is the beginning of the 1990s. This is the time when most state-owned companies go bankrupt.

At that time, my father, Paweł Oleszak, is finishing his studies at the Poznań University of Technology in the field of organization and management of the industry -the field of study for directors. But … in bankrupting enterprises, directors are no longer needed.

Then Paweł starts a full-time job – he becomes a sales representative. He urges the management to introduce dextrin to its offer and to the Polish market. The management does not understand him, so an ambitious, young man quits and, convinced of his point, starts trading dextrin, setting up a Dekspol company together with my mother Iwona.

The first delivery – 1000 kg of dextrin – is by Nysa borrowed from my grandfather. This is not possible in the long run, so it’s time for the first company car. Dad, accompanied by my mother, buys a car on the stock exchange. The driver who sells them looks for a job and … finds it in Dekspol. He has been working here for 25 years until his retirement.

During this time, Dekspol supplies chemicals to a huge number of companies from the textile industry, also to such large companies as Fasty Białystok or Silwana Gorzów Wlkp. But in 1995 the textile market is collapsing and Dekspol loses all customers with it.
This time Paweł does not give up. While looking for new customers, together with my mother, they notice that there is still no Polish company producing wood impregnates on the market and services the sawmills. Just then, a certain chemistry professor from the Poznań Agricultural University contacts them regarding the purchase of raw materials. They establish cooperation, and thanks to that, formulas of new chemicals are created. And already in the same year 1995 Dekspol launches Firestop, Copper decolite and Chrome decolite.

The first machine to produce Firestop is a concrete mixer, supported by a weight and a welding machine. On the very first day my parents sell 200 kg of Firestop! Thanks to Firestop, the company is reborn. And every month it gets better, so Dekspol grows – parents hire more people: sister, uncle, other family members.

This is how the 25 years of DEKSPOL have passed – a Polish family company that owes its name to Polish dextrin.

Today is 2019. Soon, Dekolit KD will appear as completely renew product, which was developed on the basis of its own recipe, prepared by the university in Poznań, and financed by the European Union. Polish institutions have already confirmed its effectiveness.

Now, together with Iwona and Paweł, my parents, I dream that Dekspol will always remain a Polish, private company with a family atmosphere. Let us continue to develop and produce for you the best wood care and decoration products. That the values that my parents believed in, supplying the first ton of dextrin to my grandfather Nysa, live in us.

– Martyna Oleszak