Development and preparation for implementation of a significantly improved wood impregnating agent

Legal changes of the EU Parliament and Council, which regulate the marketing of biocidal products pursuant to Regulation 528/2012, have caused that our company’s key product, Dekolit KD (it accounts for 70% of production) for industrial and individual use, must be adapted to the new legal requirements and obtain a new authorisation to make the biocidal product available on the market and to use it. This requires the development of a significantly improved new formulation that uses a notified active substance. It is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the protective action against biological corrosion of wood and the impact of the biocidal product containing it on human and environmental health and safety, and we therefore need to carry out toxicological studies. The innovation of the product is to be based on its effective protection of wood with minimal or no human and environmental exposure. This will be the first biocidal product with a formulation significantly different from those available on the Polish and European Union markets for use in biocidal products belonging to Group 8: “Wood impregnating agents” according to the classification of the European Chemicals Agency.


The aim of the innovation voucher is to develop a product with high wood protection effectiveness, low wood application with minimal negative impacts on human and environmental health. A further objective is to confirm the protective effectiveness against biological corrosion of structural and garden timber of the improved innovation product. The aim is also to confirm minimal or lack of negative impact on human and environmental health of the improved innovative product. Receipt of the voucher will help us to obtain a new national authorisation as well as a licence to make the biocide available on the market and to use it under European rules, which will allow us to increase our share in the sale of wood protection products on the professional sawmill and retail markets in Poland and on such foreign markets.


Introduction of innovative product [pcs] pcs. 2017: 0.00 ; 2018: 1.00pc
Scheduled tasks to be achieved:
Receipt of final report with improved recipe developed – quantity in pieces 1.
Receipt of final report on effectiveness tests carried out – quantity in pieces 1.
Receipt of the final report on the toxicological tests carried out – quantity in pieces 1.
Making a trial batch of an innovative product.


Total expenditure actually incurred: PLN 428 140.35
Eligible costs: PLN 332 700.00
Value of funding: PLN 266,160.00