It protects wood and strengthens its structure

WOOD IMPREGNATING PRIMER contains many state-of-the-art active substances for perfect protection against biological corrosion. Moreover, the strength and quality of the active substances make the WOOD IMPREGNATING PRIMER resistant to impregnation errors. It protects against wood decaying fungi and blue stain, against insects (technical wood pests) and fights them in already infected wood.

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Technical informations


  • Iodopropyl butylcarbamate (IPBC) a carbamate group agent showing fighting a broad spectrum of fungal and mould species
  • propiconazole is an ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor from the triazole group with strong fungicidal properties
  • permethrin a pyrethroid substance that is highly toxic to insects and permanently protects wood against their emergence


clear liquid


2 years from date of manufacture


store the agent below 40°C, in dry, ventilated rooms, away from food products and feed and keep out of the reach of children


Biocidal Product Marketing Authorisation no. 6627/16 Wood Protector PRO.


cans with EWS protection:

0.7 L, 2.5 L, 9 L


protect from frost

protect against displacement, damage or destruction during transport


Surface preparation

The wood should be cleaned, dry, smoothed, degreased, without residues of previous coatings. Infected surfaces should be cleaned to untreated or replaced with new wood.

Method of application

Cleaning of tools

Wash tools with water.


Drying time at 20°C and 55% relative humidity. Apply successive coats after 2 hours.

Before the treated wood is exposed to the weather conditions, it should be seasoned under shelter on spacers for min. 48 hours. At lower temperatures and higher humidity the drying time may change.


Wood is used in a variety of ways for the construction of structures and objects, which are then operated under various conditions and are supposed to be pleasing to the eye and last for many years. It is important to use an agent that protects the wood against a wide range of biological attack factors in a variety of conditions. The proven WOOD IMPREGNATING PRIMER meets these requirements.