Waterproof coat enhancing the beauty of the wood

WOOD OIL contains the highest quality oils and waxes. It creates a “waterproof wood coat” perfectly protecting the wood from moisture and the damaging effects of the weather. It also helps to keep cleanliness by reducing the tendency to stain and facilitates self-cleaning.

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Technical informations


  • Oil composition allows for deep penetration into the wood structure for protection against water
  • tung oil extracted from the seeds of the tung tree, increases the wood’s resistance to weather conditions
  • waxes increasing the water repellency of the wood
  • dearomatised solvent improving penetration of waxes and oils into wood


liquid of a colour appropriate to the product range


Store in tightly closed containers at temperatures between 5 and 25 °C.


at least 2 years from the date of manufacture


it dissolves well in petrol


In the case of impregnation of untreated wood and elements exposed to harmful atmospheric conditions, we recommend pre-impregnation with products such as WOOD IMPREGNATING PRIMER, DECORATIVE WOOD IMPREGNATING AGENT from WOOD PROTECTOR line.

To maintain the effect of the product, it should be applied twice a year – preferably in spring and autumn.

In order to maintain a uniform colour, the product should come from the same production batch, different batches should be poured into one container beforehand and thoroughly mixed.


cans: 0.7 L, 2.5 L, 9 L


  • it contains oils and waxes that bring out the most beautiful characteristics of wood
  • it provides the surfacewith water-repellent quality, it protects the wood against water absorption
  • it does not form a coating,allowing the wood to “breathe”
  • it brings out the natural colour of the wood, making it even more beautiful (clear version)
  • it penetrates deeply into the wood, reinforcing its structure
  • it prevents dust from settling so that nothing can spoil the beautiful wooden surface
  • it is weather-resistant, it can protect wood used outdoors
  • it is excellent for indoor and outdoor use



The wood should be thoroughly cleaned, dry, smoothed, free of residues of previous coatings, with a moisture content not exceeding 25%. Infected surfaces should be cleaned to untreated wood or replaced with new wood.


Ready-to-use product. Apply 2-3 coats consecutively with a brush, roller or tampon. Apply each coat evenly along the rings of the wood once. Avoid applying the product again in the same place. After applying a coat of WOOD OIL, wipe the painted surface with a dry brush or cloth along the rings to collect any excess product. Apply the next coats after 14-24 hours. Mix during the work to maintain a uniform consistency. The ambient temperature should be approximately 20°C. Relative air humidity should be approx. 55% – do not paint in humid conditions (e.g.: rain, fog, snow or when they are likely to occur), in hot afternoons and during strong winds. The painting conditions determine the drying time of the agent layer and the properties of the obtained coating.


From 4 (first coat) to 24 (subsequent coats) hours at 20°C and 55% relative humidity.


Wash tools with white spirit.


15-20 m2/l in one application (differences may occur depending on wood type, hardness and smoothness of the wood surface).


If we want to use wood and enjoy its colour and warm to the touch structure, we should think about its maintenance with oil- or wax-based products. If we want to use oil- and wax-treated wood outdoors, e.g. for decking, the product must be weather-resistant and equally abrasion-resistant. It is recommended to use WOOD OIL to give the effect of warm natural wood, to highlight its texture, to emphasise its natural colour (clear version) and to protect it from water and dirt.WOOD OIL.